With the growing demand for Information Technology specialists, there seems to be an endless need for skilled project managers. These individuals are responsible for planning, creating and organizing the entire process involved with digital and online business.

While many IT projects require the work of a number of specialists, there is often one person responsible for keeping the entire project on track. A project manager is the person responsible for making sure that all team members are working efficiently and effectively towards the project goals and deadlines.

In the end, the IT project manager works to meet the company’s goals by communicating effectively, setting high standards, and working to remove obstacles and challenges. While a large part of the job of project manager requires organization and leadership, the position also requires the project manager to complete IT tasks which may include: software development, data entry, Q/A testing and security analysis.

11 Traits of a Good IT Project Manager

Whether you are working towards becoming an IT project manager, or your thinking about hiring one for your company, there are a few traits that you should look for in anyone in this role. Here are 10 traits every good IT project manager should have.

  1. Leadership: All project managers should obtain a high level of leadership, with the ability to encourage and direct team members as needed.
  2. Responsibility: Project managers must be responsible and trustworthy. This position comes with authority and a sense of ownership over the project goals.
  3. Organizational Skills: This position requires individuals to juggle complex and often competing tasks and responsibilities. An efficient project manager is one that remains organized and structured throughout the most difficult tasks.
  4. Solid Communicator: Because this position requires ongoing and regular delegation and collaboration, every project manager should be able to communicate effectively with team members.
  5. Positivity: This position requires project managers to be encouraging and supportive for other team members. A good project manager should always have a positive attitude.
  6. Empathy: This job can get confusing and difficult at times. As a project manager you need to be able to understand the perspectives of your team members and to be empathetic to unexpected issues that may arise on the job.
  7. Knowledge: Because this job requires a lot of brain power, every project manager should have a solid understanding of software development and information technology. It is your duty to assist others with their tasks, so you must have a firm understanding of this material.
  8. Curiosity: Project managers are expected to learn new information all of the time. Curiosity and a genuine interest in learning new things are important components of successful project management.
  9. Cool: This trait isn’t describing someone’s popularity, but their ability to handle stress well. Project managers are given a lot of responsibility and sometimes the job can become quite stressful. This position requires resilience and determination, and an ability to stay calm under pressure.
  10. Problem Solver: A project manager must be able to move obstacles and solve problems quickly and efficiently.
  11. Team Builder: As the leader of your team, it’s important to collaborate and develop a strong relationship with team members.