Successful people often seem able to multi-task and communicate effectively. They seem to have their life all together, and work often appears to be a breeze. These people are always spending time with family and friends, while also having personal time to exercise or take a weekend trip somewhere. They seem to make the balance between work and life a non-issue.

These are the people we aspire to be and sometimes the people we hate. Before you become overwhelmed with jealousy or other negative feelings, why not adopt some practices that increase your personal success in life?

14 Tips To Help You Increase Your Success in Life

If you want to become more successful and accomplished, there are certain things you can incorporate into your daily life. Here are 14 things you should do to become more successful before you even have time to open up your lunchbox or hit the deli.

  1. Get Ready At Night: Always make your lunch, and if possible your breakfast, before you go to bed at night. Many people seem to have ample time at night, with no time before work. Choose your outfit and prepare your meals at night, so you simply have to wake up, put on your clothes and grab your food. This will save you time and keep you from running late.
  2. Wake Up Early: In addition to preparing everything at night, try and set your alarm earlier than normal. If you’re tired of feeling tired and constantly running late, get up earlier. This will give you the time you need to start your day off on the right foot.
  3. Make Your Bed: Successful people make their beds every morning. This is just the first thing you need to do in order to accomplish your goals for the day. Also, if you make your bed as soon as you get up, you have less of a chance of crawling back in!
  4. Eat Breakfast: Actually take the time to sit down and enjoy a nice, hot breakfast. You’ll need this fuel to keep you motivated and focused throughout your morning.
  5. Write Down Your Goals: Everyday should begin with some goals in mind. During your breakfast, jot down the most important goals for your day. This will act as your schedule and help you stay focused on what’s most important.
  6. Check Emails: Before even stepping foot into your office, start reading emails. Don’t let them pile up while you’re trying to get work finished. Read them early to be on top of the day’s events.
  7. Exercise: Your mind will be working frantically if you are trying to maintain a crazy schedule and stay up on your work tasks. While your mind is racing, start getting your heart rate up. Successful people plan time for exercise at some point in the day. This will not only help you manage stress but it will make you more productive.
  8. Take the Top-Down Approach: When working on tasks for the day, start with your hardest, most time-consuming task. These often get pushed to the side, but leaving them behind may make them difficult to return to later. If you finish your most difficult tasks before lunch you will feel successful and accomplished early in the day.
  9. Time with Family: Success in life involves balancing me-time, work time and family time. Try to get quality family time with your wife, husband, partner and kids before you start to forget what they look like.
  10. Designate Reflection Time: Whether it is at the end of the day, during your lunch, or on your commute to and from work, allow some time to think about yourself and the day ahead or behind you. This will help you in many areas of your life, not just at work.
  11. Read, Listen or Watch the News: A successful person is fully aware of what’s going on in the world. Take the time to understand the news even if it may come through an app notification.
  12. Put Your Phone Away: It is important to be able to communicate in and outside of work, but you don’t have to be on your phone constantly. Successful people aren’t attached to their phones because they are too busy handling other tasks.
  13. Plan and Strategize: You should designate time to think about your next move and how you plan to accomplish the goals you have made for the day.
  14. Turn Coffee into Networking: Coffee stopped being just coffee for successful people when they started to understand how important these meetings can be. Make a fresh pot of coffee and have that meeting you have been putting off all week with your client, coworker or partner.
  15. Enjoy and Have Pride in Your Work: Successful people have pride in their accomplishments and work. Make work fun and don’t stress too much.