Work takes effort. Getting up every morning to drive to the same place you were yesterday in the same car with the same clothes you wore last week to the same job you have had for the last five years can make anyone feel subpar. Many people get burnt out living this same routine day after day, especially if they’re in an unfulfilling job. Because the job market is competitive, sticking with the same, monotonous job, is often practice and sometimes a necessity, at least in the short term.

Helpful Tips to Increase Work Satisfaction and Enjoy Your Job

Fortunately, there is a way to keep your same job and gain a new appreciation for your work without having to angle for a pay raise or switch departments. Follow along for some ideas to help you increase work satisfaction in your same job by shaking things up a bit. Some of these ideas range from making new personal decisions to increasing your engagement at the office. Here are 11 tips to increase satisfaction at your job.

  1.  Change up Your Morning Routine: Changing up your morning routine could leave you energized and ready to work hard. You can make simple changes by eating something different for breakfast or working out before work rather than after. Get up a little earlier to make time for a hobby you love or consider meeting a friend for coffee before you hit the office. Changing your morning routine can favorably impact your entire day. Whatever you choose to mix up, make sure that it has a positive impact on you!
  2. Make New Work Friends: Working at the same office for a significant amount of time can leave you feeling static. Get out of your cubicle and start up conversations with people you usually ignore. Friendships at work are very important for a person’s happiness. According to Gallup poll research, friendships at work can increase satisfaction for employees by upwards of 50%. And people who report having a best friend in the workplace are 7 X more likely to be fully engaged in their work.
  3. Request More Responsibility: If you feel as though you are ready for more responsibility at your job, don’t be afraid to speak up. This request could help you reach your full potential in your career, while possibly leading to a raise or a promotion at your job.
  4. Get Organized: Planning out your week in advance can help you feel more accomplished and on top of things. Getting your schedule together helps you feel less stressed and more prepared for a busy work week. And getting organized doesn’t have to stop at your calendar; taking time to get your desk and computer files organized may help relieve stress, clear your thinking and give you the motivation you have been searching for at work.
  5. Negotiate New Duties or Positions: If you have been at the same company for a significant period of time and you’re hoping to switch things up, maybe take some time to negotiate a new position or responsibilities for your job. A new position could breathe new life into your career, while improving your satisfaction on the job. Remember that you’ll never know unless you ask.
  6. Get More Training: If you have asked for that new position and it was denied, don’t worry there are other options out there for you! Go out and get more training from local universities or seek out online possibilities. And some companies may be willing to offer in-house training opportunities. When you get more training, your boss will appreciate your interest in your job and you will be improving your skills at the same time.
  7. Talk to HR About Your Concerns: Every good company should have a good human resources department. If you are having issues on the job or you are looking for more satisfaction at the office, don’t be afraid to voice your concerns. The human resources team is open to questions, comments and concerns, and your opinion matters. By speaking up, you could be improving your job satisfaction immensely. And chances are, other employees are feeling the same way that you do. It is good for HR to be on top of employee morale to help make the work environment as positive as possible.
  8. Go Back to School: Training is important and so is learning. If you feel that you have not reached your full potential, you can always go back to school to get more education and a degree to help take you to the next level. When you go back to school, you not only advance your knowledge, but you also make new contacts that may lead to unexpected opportunities. Do not limit your career by accepting mediocrity.
  9. Get New Work Clothes: It may sound silly, but buying new work clothes could really improve your job satisfaction quickly. While the positive effects of a new wardrobe may seem superficial, this simple change could help you feel more confident and happier on the job for weeks and even months.
  10. Set Goals: These goals can be daily, weekly or monthly, but it is important to set and measure your goals. Establishing these attainable goals can make you feel motivated and challenged,while also helping you recognize steady progress . Goals are an important part of increasing your satisfaction on the job. If you fail to meet your goals or become uninterested in your objectives, then you may realize that this is no longer the job for you.
  11.  Keep a Journal: Writing about your feelings can be a helpful way to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Use a journal at work to record your daily goals and thoughts. Over time you may be able to see some patterns to your emotions. You might even find that your disengagement from work has nothing to do with work at all and is being caused by other aspects of your life. Or you might realize that a career change is in order to help you increase your satisfaction at work.